Yogyakarta, January 9-11, 2012

At Candi Ratu Boko (photograph by Najmi)
Vinska and I (well, we're not a lesbian couple!)
Photograph by Najmi
At Vrederburg Fort
With a Russian stranger at Candi Ratu Boko
A great landmark isn't it?
After a yummy breakfast at Malioboro St.
We are happy family :D

(Well, I am not a vain though, haha)

Last January, we went to Yogyakarta. It was a 3 days and 2 night trip. On the first night, we were sleeping at a small in at Sosrokusuman St. near the Malioboro St. But on the second night, we spent our night at McD and KFC till morning :p It was a great trip, and above all of those, our friendship and togetherness are the best things :D Pretty sad, not all of my friends go with us on that trip :( But yeah, I am so in love with them, I love my friends! Thanks all to coloring my life!

Thanks Najmi Jati Lenggana, Inos Ajawes, Alvinska Octaviana, Arif Hidayatullah, Dhiya Teja Martasasmita and also for the who didn't go on the trip, Joddy Patrianagara, Naufal Darari, Ayu Nur Utami, Angga Nanda, Annisa Fauziah, Wanda Almira, and you! Thanks for reading my blog!

Love my friends!
See ya!

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From Braga with Love

Taken by : Joddy | Model : Inos and I
Well don't worry I'm not really kissing him haha :D This photo was suppose to be our winning picture for Alfamart competition, but we just way too lazy to lookin' for 'likes' on facebook, so we gave up and didn't win it. But I kinda like this picture, looks so sweet (well yea you know what I meant). Taken at Alfamart Braga on a bright afternoon in November 2011.

Another pics are below, enjoy :)
@Nasi Bancakan, a great dinner after a long day on Jl. Braga

Taken by Inos with his slr camera on another trip to Braga

Selca : Inos, Lily, Najmi

Trip at night to Braga, taken with self timer :p

Full team :)
That's all for today :) This is the reborn of Bonjour-Lily! Give me your support please :) See ya ;*
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Hi (:
Actually I never really interested to being a nature photography. I usually just like to taking human as my model. Well, yesterday when I wanted to take picture so badly, nobody's at home. So I had to do it by myself. And I had the idea to take nature photograph. Our backyard here is pretty big, so there's a bunch of objects I can try to capture, and here are some, (I'm not really good though, but I hope y'all like it) enjoy (:

I named it 'Field of Dream' because whenever I see this picture, I can see dozens of dandelion seed on the field. And whenever wind blows those seed, they will find new place and grow as a new individual. And because they're still attach one another, they still dreaming how is life by theirself it suppose to be.

"Say farewell each other friends, we might never meet again. I hope you all will grow as the prettiest and strongest dandelion ever. Take care..."

Just like baby inside mom's tummy. Here, dandelion seed attach each other, until come the right time to fly by theirself, being an independent flower.

"A tiny weed on the front yard. Look nothing but not interesting. But when the time came I captured her on my lenses, she looks no more than an attractive Strokes of Violet..."

Whenever I see this picture (especially the middle yellow part of the flower), all I can see are shine, shimmer, dazzle, and of course serene...

Well, I have no idea what the most suitable title for this particular picture. So I just named it, Mosses (lumut) on the Tree. But it is pretty interesting how the camera really captured the detail of this Bryophyte.

Is that makes you remember and picturing something? For me it looks like when there is distraction around a carnivore plants, they will getting ready to catch it's prey.


Beauty is the Beast... When first time i saw this plant, it was looks so ugly. I didn't even want to take it's picture. But I did it anyway. And after I checked it in computer, it turns as a pretty picture (for me). So that's why I named it like that, beauty is not always appear when first time you see something, but sometimes it comes from inside, after you know better about that.

That's all for now. After I tried this one, I think, nature photography is so cool! I will like to do it again. Well then see you next time, bye :)
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It's not a photoshoot, we were just playing around!

Hi :) long time no see :D These are several pictures that Gabi and I took last Saturday. It was not a photoshoot, we were just playing around, while waiting for Robert Mueller to came and took us. Enjoy~

(all taken by Gabi, retouched by me)

(all taken by me, also retouched by me)

So that's all :) By the way, if you used to read my
diary blog, y'all must be know that I am miserable right now. But you don't have to worry at all, I'll be fine in a couple days (I hope). So then, thank you for your patience :) I love y'all! See ya!
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Floral Form Sculpture

Hey :) I've just finished my sculpture today! So that's why I post it as soon as I can :) I never really make a sculture before, and this one it's turn pretty nice, even though I'm not satisfy with the surface, it looks rough and not smooth as is suppose to be. But overall, I like it It is colorful and looks kinda 'me' haha.

This is the sculpture!! :DD First, I didn't plan to make a lollipop, but I wanted to make it as a pencil, and shows a 'study hard' sculpture (that's why there is sweat on her face!). But after I put on the pink bow from fleece, my teacher said "Put a big lollipop! It'll looks better than a piece of wire like that!" So I drew a lollipop on a piece of cardboard, cut it, and stick in together with the wire which supposed to be a pencil! And it's loookkks... Pretty interesting, hahaha. Because when i said "Why it holds a lollipop, but there is sweat there?" and once again my teacher said, "Just imagine when a gangster want to steal you lollipop, You'll sweat like that!". Well that's my crazy teacher, but I adore him a lot :) Thank you Mr. Evans :))

See ya in the next post!

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Random Posting

Hi y'all, long time no see haha :D These are just several picture that we took unintentionally. I almost erased it though, but when I saw again, it's quite nice, so I just retouched a little bit. Enjoy :)

Madyson :)

This picture we captured from inside the old suburban car. There is a duck sticker on the window, and it is looks good here, hahaha :)

Special thanks♥

Madyson M. Duncan
for your cutie-devilish look, hahaha, (I still love you though :p)

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Artwork in Art Class

Hi :) Here I show you a few art works that I did recently in my Art Class in United States. Thanks a bunch for my art teacher, Mr. Evans :D

(Actually this is my self portrait, but I don't know why it's not looks like me at all, I never realize that paint on the canvas it's really hard! So I think this is not really bad, I'll try again sometimes :D)

My painting and I :-)

This is a monochromatic painting which I did. I used brown and it's shades and tint. I tried to draw an old woman, but I think I made her looks younger, hahaha.

And the last one for today, this is my ceramic glass! Looks pretty good right? I want to make another one, and paint it in other color, it really looks like a glass from the store :p

That's all for today, I hope you like my art works! (Now I'm making a sculpture from floral form in my art class. Whenever I'm finish, I'll post it here :D) Adios!
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